About us

About us

Sefsafa Publishing House, established 2009 in Egypt. Our diverse publications since then include Arabic fiction and non-fiction, including titles translation projects from English, French, German, Flemish, Slovenian, Slovak and Irish.


Sefsafa published over 50 titles, focusing on politics, cultural history and literature.


From the first time we tried to support the ideas of Enlightenment and change movement in Egypt.


After 25 Jan. Revolution, Sefsafa trying to transfer experiences of democratization in the world by selecting and translating titles in this area and publish books supporting democratic and left-wing views in Egypt.


One of our titles had a prize (the Ahmed Bhaa El-Din prize) and also was adopted by the Egyptian Gov. to be subsidized and distributed on large scale.


Basma ABDELZIZ’s Book; "Temptation of Absolute Power." This book traces the history of violence that colored the relationship between Egyptian policemen and citizens. Following three successful and out-of-print editions, the fourth edition of the book released recently.


We encourage diverse and creative approaches to social sciences, including our lesser-known yet unique publication, "Football and Culture and Intellectuals in Egypt".


Sefsafa acquired Arabic rights for books from respectable names in Europe like German Publisher Shurkamp; PUPS/Sorbonne University and WOSY.


We translate classics like Erasmus and Brecht and contemporary authors like Wolfgang Streeck, Alexander Kluge and Stefan Mühldorfer.


Sefsafa distribute books in main bookstores in Egypt, participate in intarnational book fairs like Cairo International Book Fair, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.