Basma Abdelaziz

Basma Abd El Aziz: Psychiatrist and writer, Born in Cairo, 1976. Having an Ms. Of Neuropsychiatry, faculty of medicine, Ein shams university in 2005 , and Diploma of Sociology from the institute of Arab research and studies in 2010.


Wrote two collections of short stories, “ashan rabena yesahel: may god make it easy” published 2007, and honored by “Sawiris Foundation Award for Egyptian literature” 2008, and “al walad allazy ekhtafa: the boy who disappeared”, that was honored by the award of “General Administration of Cultural Palaces” (Governmental Institution) 2008.


This is one of most successful books published by Sefsafa, it had a prize as a research in 2009, published as a book early 2011. After the Egyptian revolution it become a big hit because of his topic, 6000 copies printed from the book, and it adopted by the Egyptian Gov. to be subsidized and distributed on large scale. It had many and good reviews in Arabic newspapers mainly in Egypt

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