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Medhat Taha

Born in Cairo, on October,30,1956, graduated from Medical School 1981,

Working as a physician, and also as an English translator who translated:

The New World Order, by Pat Robertson, 1998.

Islam In History, Ideas, People, and Events, 2005.

The 5th Child, by Doris Lessing, 2007

War of Ideas, editing & translation, 2007.

My Life, a self biography of the legendary dancer, Isadora Duncan, 2011.

No Body Home, by Dobrayca Ugresc, 2009.

Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, 2012.

3 one act plays, by Woody Allan, 2016.

Empire of Their Own, How Jews Invented Hollywood, by Neel Gabler, on essueing.

He has issued a poem collection titled, Silence and Echo, on 2007.

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