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25 Tales

“25 tales” is a series of 25 short stories, and the first book by the promising writer Amr El Kady.

The book’s first edition was published in April 2012 in Egypt by Sefsafa publishing house, following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 which is a recurrent theme throughout the book.



Short and highly symbolic, the stories often end unpredictably leaving a unique sense of the revolutionary spirit that is dealt with in quite a bitterly satirical style.

Subjects range from superstitious village that has never seen electricity to convicts fleeing prison during the revolution with no idea about what’s going on around them.

Also other interesting stories about a revolutionary cat that gets married, a hysterically funny anti-romantic couples, and fables commenting on pre and post revolution events.

It is a book that captures the Egyptian spirit with all its social-specific and human complexities and conflicts, written in the humorous voice characteristic of Egyptians who use jokes to survive through happiness, pain and sorrow.


Amr El Kady: is born in 1983. He has 4 siblings; 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Amr graduated from Lycee El Zamalek French school in 2000, Earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Department) in 2005. In 2010, Amr won 2nd place in the "on the margins No more: citizen Journalism project" competition by the International Center for Journalists in Egypt.

He published his first book in 2012 and the book is titled "25 tales" by Sefsafa publishing house, a collection of short stories in Arabic and during the same year he won first prize in short story competition at Egyptian Alexandrian Electronic site "Etlalah".

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