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Walking on the edges

In the novel “Walking on the edges”, written by Medhat Taha, the narrator takes the reader in a long journey, starting from the year of birth of main character, “Ezzat”, up to his graduation from Medical School, on the same year of assassination of president Saddat 1981.



When desert storm (the 2nd Gulf war) was launched in 1991, Ezzat was already in the USA for a training program, sponsored by Peace Scholarship program (part of CAMP David Treaty), where he lived one year in Boston, interacting with different People, trying to understand how life is like in the USA.

Through Ezzat's life, the narrator is telling a. Story of conflict with the self and the other.

The story of the different worlds of the East & West, with its confrontation and struggle ingredients, or euphemastically their dialogue.

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