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Power of text: the discourse of Al Azhar and the crisis of ruling

This book focuses on the discourse of the official religious institution (Al Azhar) under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. The suthor paid due attention to both statements made by al-Mashyakha and speeches of sheikh Al Azhar in Around the time of the ouster of the MB-president Mohamed Morsi 2013, and the subsequent Rab'aa massacre.


The study uncovers how the discourse of al-Azhar has concorded with that of the military and how the latter used The former to empower its own discourse, to re-shape the mass conscience, encouraging people to accept, even to support, the return of a military to power. It reveals also how Al Azhar has employed the ‘sacred’ Islamic scriptures of (Quran) to serve the military. 


The author had a strong focus on usage of particular expressions in context, for example when Sheikh Al Azhar used ‘victims’ versus ‘martyrs’? when he started to use the expression of ‘terrorists’ in his speech? and in what situations?


With a linguistic anchor, the author sought identifying the different identities that are represented in Al Azhar discourse (national, religious and politician), and highlighted issues of dependency and autonomy in al-Azhar relation to the military.

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Related Articels