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Kol Ma’ Sana Al-Haddad

In his latest poems collection, poet Mahmoud Khiralla, fights a battle, where stands by poetry against ideology.

 He leads his ideas rather being led to it.

 He raises questions very often, give answers sometimes, yet his answers are never final or decisive as it leads to more questions. It is a poetry that does not sanctify its writer, and does not present itself as an alternative or a replacement of anything, it only invites you to share it sorrow.









Mahmoud Khiralla, Egyptian poet, he released three poems collection: Fantazia AlRgoula (Fantasy of Masculinity) 1989, La'na Saqata min Annafiza (A Curse that fell out of the Window) 2001, Zel Shagara Fil Maqaber (A Shadow of a Tree in the Cemeteries) 2005.

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